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  1. Indyah | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

    2017-05-25 01:13:58 UTC

    This gorgeous girl just graduated from Stevenson University! When I first met her a few years ago, it didn’t take long for me to realize she had a lot of spunk, heart, and not to mention many leadership qualities to her. She held many active roles on campus and has…

  2. Lexi | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

    2017-05-11 14:29:34 UTC

    This session holds a lot of meaning for me. Lexi is not only a friend, she is my Little in Phi Sigma Sigma—a sorority I was/am in (because once you’re in, you never really leave). As her Big (sister), I’ve seen her grow in more ways than one. I’ve tried…

  3. Alysa | Headshots | Baltimore, MD

    2017-05-11 13:52:53 UTC

    How would I describe Alysa in 3 words? Ambitious, Giving, and down-to-earth. (Okay, I might have cheated a little on the last one.) If her face looks familiar, it’s probably because you might have remembered the shots I took of her wedding at the beautiful Peabody Library. Since seeing her…

  4. Rorie | Grad Session | Frederick, MD

    2017-03-06 00:47:00 UTC

    After weeks of having to reschedule due to less-than-ideal weather conditions, I was FINALLY able to shoot Rorie’s grad photos! The wait was so worth it too; the day of the shoot, it was a high of mid 60s temperature and the sun could not have been more perfect. Rorie…

  5. Emily | Grad Session

    2016-11-03 23:55:00 UTC

    How gorgeous does Emily look in her photos? She is graduating this December from Stevenson University with a degree in Business Communications. She’s such a bright and down-to-earth soul; I’m so glad to also be able to consider her as a fellow Phi Sig sister as well. When she reached…

  6. Carissa | Portrait Session

    2016-07-11 19:51:00 UTC

    Carissa is not only a talented graphic designer but my old beautiful college roommate as well! So when she asked me if I could take photos of her for her new rebranded site, how could I say no? Not only did we gel as roommates, but we really gelled as…

  7. Phi Sigma Sigma | Spring 2016 Shoot

    2016-04-27 02:42:00 UTC

    Hi friends! What’s this you see? I started a photo blog? I know, it’s about time. And what better way to start off this blog journey with a fact that you may or may not know about me:  I am a part of a sorority. That’s right, sistah friend. I…

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