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  1. Dylan | Model | Baltimore, MD

    05 Feb 2017

    Dylan is not only a talented model but is someone I consider to be one of my closest friends! From shooting his first photo shoot back in 2010 to now, 7 years later, shooting him still—I’ve been able to watch him grow and flourish not only as a model but…

  2. Melissa & Richie | Engagement Session | Patapsco Valley State Park

    05 Nov 2016

    Melissa and Richie’s engagement session at Patapsco Valley State Park felt so natural and easy-going! I was so honored to be able to capture these two. I know Melissa as a fellow sister of Phi Sigma Sigma so when she came to me asking if I wanted to take her…

  3. Sarah & Tim | Beach Sunrise Session

    30 Sep 2016

    Sometimes it’s good to get away and enjoy good times with good friends. This past summer, Sarah and Tim joined me and my boyfriend in going out to Ocean City to relax and unwind. Sarah, running her own photography business with Tim by her side, knows how important it is…

  4. Heather & Corey | Pregnancy Announcement

    29 Aug 2016

    This session was so much fun to do, and I love how the photos turned out…which made it so hard for me to keep this a secret! I have known Heather since 2011, as I came to know her as my Phi Sig alumnae advisor. Now being an alum myself…

  5. Carissa | Portrait Session

    11 Jul 2016

    Carissa is not only a talented graphic designer but my old beautiful college roommate as well! So when she asked me if I could take photos of her for her new rebranded site, how could I say no? Not only did we gel as roommates, but we really gelled as…

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