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  1. Peighton & Chad | Engagement Session | Harpers Ferry, WV

    2017-10-01 15:35:00 UTC

    Peighton and Chad are the definition of “two peas in a pod.” They’re both equally goofy and totally in love with each other. They weren’t afraid to be themselves and show how crazy they are about each other, which I LOVE to capture. Shooting them in Harpers Ferry when the…

  2. Mark & Anna | Couples Session | Downtown Frederick, MD

    2017-06-08 20:20:12 UTC

    Lately, I’ve been having a hard time shaking the feeling that I wasn’t growing nor was I satisfied with the work I was putting out as a photographer and as an artist. For a while, I’ve resisted trying to adapt to a new style because I was afraid that I…

  3. Robyn | Grad Session | Frederick, MD

    2017-05-25 23:20:54 UTC

    If the word ‘perseverance’ ever came to life and turned into a human being, it would look a lot like Robyn. She just recently graduated with her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland Law School—an amazing and wonderful achievement in itself. But what makes it truly is amazing…

  4. Indyah | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

    2017-05-25 01:13:58 UTC

    This gorgeous girl just graduated from Stevenson University! When I first met her a few years ago, it didn’t take long for me to realize she had a lot of spunk, heart, and not to mention many leadership qualities to her. She held many active roles on campus and has…

  5. Ashley, Christina, and Emily | Sisters Photo Shoot | Sherwood Gardens | Baltimore, MD

    2017-05-24 01:24:00 UTC

    Ashley was the winner of February’s “Share the Love” contest in which many people entered to win a photo session with their favorite loved one, whether it was a partner, sibling, family member, or even pet! The person with the most likes won the shoot, and Ashley came out on…

  6. Kaila | Grad Session | Baltimore, MD

    2017-05-21 20:40:05 UTC

    After having to reschedule twice due to rain, we finally were able to do Kaila’s senior shoot! It was worth the wait too because I love how these images turned out. The sun was hanging in the sky in just the right place. Kaila is now a graduate of Stevenson…

  7. Lexi | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

    2017-05-11 14:29:34 UTC

    This session holds a lot of meaning for me. Lexi is not only a friend, she is my Little in Phi Sigma Sigma—a sorority I was/am in (because once you’re in, you never really leave). As her Big (sister), I’ve seen her grow in more ways than one. I’ve tried…

  8. Aleks | Model Portfolio Session | Frederick, MD

    2017-02-22 02:10:00 UTC

    Aleks originally came to the US all the way from Austria working as an au pair. Now, he’s in school working towards getting his degree and is aspiring to become a model—so when he came to me to ask if I could help him start out his modeling portfolio, I…

  9. Emily | Grad Session

    2016-11-03 23:55:00 UTC

    How gorgeous does Emily look in her photos? She is graduating this December from Stevenson University with a degree in Business Communications. She’s such a bright and down-to-earth soul; I’m so glad to also be able to consider her as a fellow Phi Sig sister as well. When she reached…

  10. Sarah & Tim | Beach Sunrise Session

    2016-09-30 02:26:00 UTC

    Sometimes it’s good to get away and enjoy good times with good friends. This past summer, Sarah and Tim joined me and my boyfriend in going out to Ocean City to relax and unwind. Sarah, running her own photography business with Tim by her side, knows how important it is…

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