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  1. Mark & Anna | Couples Session | Downtown Frederick, MD

    08 Jun 2017

    Lately, I’ve been having a hard time shaking the feeling that I wasn’t growing nor was I satisfied with the work I was putting out as a photographer and as an artist. For a while, I’ve resisted trying to adapt to a new style because I was afraid that I…

  2. Robyn | Grad Session | Frederick, MD

    25 May 2017

    If the word ‘perseverance’ ever came to life and turned into a human being, it would look a lot like Robyn. She just recently graduated with her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland Law School—an amazing and wonderful achievement in itself. But what makes it truly is amazing…

  3. Rorie | Grad Session | Frederick, MD

    06 Mar 2017

    After weeks of having to reschedule due to less-than-ideal weather conditions, I was FINALLY able to shoot Rorie’s grad photos! The wait was so worth it too; the day of the shoot, it was a high of mid 60s temperature and the sun could not have been more perfect. Rorie…

  4. Aleks | Model Portfolio Session | Frederick, MD

    22 Feb 2017

    Aleks originally came to the US all the way from Austria working as an au pair. Now, he’s in school working towards getting his degree and is aspiring to become a model—so when he came to me to ask if I could help him start out his modeling portfolio, I…

  5. Keighley | Senior Session | Downtown Frederick, MD

    15 Nov 2016

    I had the distinct pleasure of shooting Keighley for her senior portraits this past month in Downtown Frederick! She is currently a senior at Urbana High School and is hoping to attend college somewhere down south next fall. She is such a radiant beauty and a complete natural in front…

  6. Dierra | Grad Session

    23 May 2016

    While I was still in school, I worked as a tutor for all for years helping other students like myself in subjects they would need help in. I met Dierra by tutoring her in Statistics! She was honestly one of my favorite people to tutor and it brought me so…

  7. Clara | Senior Session

    30 Apr 2016

    This is Clara. She’s graduating as a part of the Class of 2016 from Frederick High. I took her older sister’s senior photos, beauty portraits, and engagement photos. And now it’s Clara’s turn for her senior photos! We did the shoot in downtown Frederick, one of my favorite places to…

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