Sarah & Tim | Beach Sunrise Session

Sometimes it’s good to get away and enjoy good times with good friends. This past summer, Sarah and Tim joined me and my boyfriend in going out to Ocean City to relax and unwind. Sarah, running her own photography business with Tim by her side, knows how important it is to not only do what you love but also to enjoy the life we live as well! It’s all too easy to get caught up in work that we sometimes forget to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Waking up early on a Saturday morning, we went out onto the beach at 6am in order to get the perfect sunrise and it was SO worth it. However, there’s not a sunrise more beautiful than the love these two share for one another. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to capture this pure love between two wonderful friends! 

Jessie Lee & Shane | Couples Session

This isn’t a typical engagement session, no…because these two are already married! I’ve know Jessie Lee since the beginning of my college career and she is one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. As I was coming to find who I was, she had a small but significant role in helping me be comfortable with who I was and inspires many other people to embrace their confidence and own it!

For a while we’ve been talking about doing a session together. Originally we were planning to do some head shots because every strong businesswoman needs a strong head shot. But life got in the way, as it always does, and we were never able to do them.

One day, she messaged me to ask me if I could take some photos of her and her husband, Shane. Even though it wasn’t an engagement shoot, it didn’t make it any less special. You can tell they really love and compliment each other. Jessie and Shane are going away to have their destination wedding soon! I hope you can join me in wishing them all the best in life and in love. Enjoy the photos!


Heather & Corey | Pregnancy Announcement

This session was so much fun to do, and I love how the photos turned out…which made it so hard for me to keep this a secret! I have known Heather since 2011, as I came to know her as my Phi Sig alumnae advisor. Now being an alum myself, when she reached out to ask if I could keep a secret and do this session for her, there was no way I was going to say no! 

I love surprising people and to be able to be a part of this was definitely a reward in itself. :) 

Now introducing, the soon-to-be Green bean! 

Carissa | Portrait Session

Carissa is not only a talented graphic designer but my old beautiful college roommate as well! So when she asked me if I could take photos of her for her new rebranded site, how could I say no? Not only did we gel as roommates, but we really gelled as creatives. We took a lot of the same classes together at Stevenson University, but it wasn’t until our senior year did we really become good friends. 

For our shoot, we went to our usual hang out spot in Federal Hill. Once we took full advantage of the sun and location, we went to our favorite spot to get margaritas afterwards because well—why not? It’s summer!

Katie + Ben | Engagement Session

It has definitely been a while since I last had to wake up at 6am to go to a shoot. Even though I’m not much of a morning person, I knew this engagement session was going to be worth it. Piney Run Park is absolutely gorgeous in the morning. After a month of what seemed like nonstop rain, we lucked out enough to capture the love between Katie and Ben on this beautiful Saturday morning. 

Katie and Ben have been together for what seems like forever. You can just tell by the way they look at each other how much love they hold between them. Time seems to stand still and it’s just the two of them. It’s a kind of love everyone aspires to achieve, and it’s a kind of love I’m lucky enough to capture.

Congratulations, Katie and Ben! I can’t wait for you two to tie the knot! 

Oren | Model Portfolio Session

It has been awhile since I did a shoot with someone who is starting their modeling portfolio as opposed to someone already having one, so when Oren reached out to me saying he needed some help starting his, of course I had to say yes! 

Like many starting out, he was a little unsure of how to approach it. But with some coaching and a little bit of humor, he quickly got into the groove and became more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Here are the shots from his shoot! 

Dierra | Grad Session

While I was still in school, I worked as a tutor for all for years helping other students like myself in subjects they would need help in. I met Dierra by tutoring her in Statistics! She was honestly one of my favorite people to tutor and it brought me so much joy to see that she had asked me to take her grad photos! We went to Downtown Frederick early in the morning and the weather could not have been more perfect.

Congratulations to Dierra to graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing! 

Linda | Portrait Session

I’ve been shooting with Linda for several years now. I’ve seen her grow over a period of time, and it’s hard to believe that she’s now a junior in college and is engaged! 

I love developing client relationships that show how truly loyal and supportive people are. I’ve definitely grown over the years as well, still perfecting my skills…but Linda has been a constant supporter of my work and for that I am so grateful! 

Here are a few previews from our most recent shoot. Enjoy. :)

Amira | Boudoir Session

Every time I meet a new client, I truly make the effort to establish a connection with them that lasts. I have shot Amira’s graduation photos, engagement photos, and now her boudoir photos…I’m not shooting her wedding because I’ll actually be a guest! 

It already helps that I met her through my sorority during school. But by shooting together, we developed an even closer friendship that I truly am grateful for. I feel so honored and humbled that she trusted me enough to choose me as her boudoir photographer. She even allowed me to post some previews from the session! (Seeing as this is my first boudoir session that I’m able to post online, that means a lot to me.)

Going through life, you will meet a lot of beautiful people. It just so happens that Amira is beautiful both inside and out. I can’t wait to attend her wedding next weekend to watch this beautiful soul get married to her soulmate. 

Clara | Senior Session

This is Clara. She’s graduating as a part of the Class of 2016 from Frederick High. I took her older sister’s senior photos, beauty portraits, and engagement photos. And now it’s Clara’s turn for her senior photos! We did the shoot in downtown Frederick, one of my favorite places to have sessions at! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and not to mention Clara is so down-to-earth. Shooting with her was so easy and so much fun! Enjoy some previews! :)

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