Mark & Anna | Couples Session | Downtown Frederick, MD

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time shaking the feeling that I wasn’t growing nor was I satisfied with the work I was putting out as a photographer and as an artist. For a while, I’ve resisted trying to adapt to a new style because I was afraid that I would just be “following a new temporary trend” and I would lose the supporters and clients that had. I wanted to put out work that would remain timeless and classic. But after desperately craving the feeling of tingly satisfaction I used to get after every shoot, and not feeling it in such a long time, I knew I had to at least try something new.

So that’s where Anna and Mark come in. Personally, I am inspired by love— love drives almost everything in my life. I knew the only way I could rekindle that passion within me was to focus on the one thing I knew I could capture well. And with that, I reached out to Anna and Mark. Their love is the kind that makes you smile because all you see is radiance and joy. I knew that was something I needed.

I have always used colors and light as my tools for storytelling. “Dramatic and colorful” was always my end goal…but as I kept moving forward, I started to realize that my work started to lose their stories. Sure, they looked nice and my clients seemed to like them…but I wasn’t feeling the magic. I wanted to get that back.

So this shoot was an experimental shoot—a time for me to try something new. And I can’t thank Anna and Mark enough for letting me capture their love and experiment with something new. I’m so excited about how these photos turned out. I decided to go for something a little richer/deeper in tones and, paired with palpable and ever present devotion these two have for each other, it made for something rather special. I can’t wait to keep experimenting and see where this new path of photography will take me.

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