Lexi | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

This session holds a lot of meaning for me. Lexi is not only a friend, she is my Little in Phi Sigma Sigma—a sorority I was/am in (because once you’re in, you never really leave). As her Big (sister), I’ve seen her grow in more ways than one. I’ve tried to be the best mentor and friend I could be to her. Graduating 2 years apart was somewhat difficult as I was working full time and she was still a student. But now, she is soon to be a graduate and is taking her life journey to Florida. 

Our bond is something incredibly special to me. We are not like most Bigs and Littles—we don’t frequently publicize and profess our undying love for each other on social media. We don’t go on shopping dates or extravagant  vacations. However, what do we do? We talk on the phone while driving home and miss exits when one of us needs each other. We text each other when we really need encouragement, but also need complete honesty. We have a bond that is incomparable to a lot of different types of friendships—and that’s how we like it. (So much so that we got huge matching tattoos. That’s when you know you’re in it for life.)

In a few short days, she will be walking across the stage at Stevenson University towards not only her degree, but her very bright future. It was an absolute privilege to capture some of her last moments as a senior through this session. I know as she continues to grow miles away, she will thrive spectacularly. There is no need for goodbyes as she will be a very present part of the rest of my life. It’s simply a “sea” ya later. xo

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