Aneesha | Beauty Session | Frederick, MD

I am so excited to share my favorites from this shoot with Aneesha! It had been about 6 years since I lost shot her, along with her twin sister Anuja, for an editorial shoot. We had always wanted to shoot again but with conflicting schedules, (and Aneesha traveling being an actress)  it was always hard to find time. 

We were finally able to find some time to meet up and make something happen, and it. was. MAGIC. 

We mostly shot indoors, with my new beauty dish. We got a lot of great, moody shots out of it. At the end, we decided to try some outside as well! But with it being as cold as it is in the winter, we didn’t stay out there for too long. 

I unofficially left the fashion and beauty industry a few years ago because I wanted to focus more on telling people’s real stories…but a part of me has always missed doing it. It felt good to go back to something I haven’t done in a while! 

2017 is about to be the year of “realizing myself” (as the wise Kylie Jenner once said). Aneesha is just the beginning of me getting back to beauty. There is more to come, and I cannot WAIT to share with you all! 



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