Amira | Boudoir Session

Every time I meet a new client, I truly make the effort to establish a connection with them that lasts. I have shot Amira’s graduation photos, engagement photos, and now her boudoir photos…I’m not shooting her wedding because I’ll actually be a guest! 

It already helps that I met her through my sorority during school. But by shooting together, we developed an even closer friendship that I truly am grateful for. I feel so honored and humbled that she trusted me enough to choose me as her boudoir photographer. She even allowed me to post some previews from the session! (Seeing as this is my first boudoir session that I’m able to post online, that means a lot to me.)

Going through life, you will meet a lot of beautiful people. It just so happens that Amira is beautiful both inside and out. I can’t wait to attend her wedding next weekend to watch this beautiful soul get married to her soulmate. 

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