Alysa | Headshots | Baltimore, MD

How would I describe Alysa in 3 words? Ambitious, Giving, and down-to-earth. (Okay, I might have cheated a little on the last one.) If her face looks familiar, it’s probably because you might have remembered the shots I took of her wedding at the beautiful Peabody Library. Since seeing her last, she’s successfully launched her own freelance graphic design business as well as a letterpress business. And not only that, she’s been supporting and encouraging others to follow their dreams and passions as well, including myself! 

As a fellow alumnae of the same design program from college, we’ve both shared in our ups and downs in the industry…but with friends like her, it helps to know you are never alone!

With her new business ventures comes new branding—and with her rebranded identity and website, she needed professional headshots that reflected HER. It was an honor to shoot her—especially since she traveled all the way from North Carolina! Talk about dedication. :)

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