Alex & Azad | Engagement Session | Downtown Frederick, Maryland

I was so honored to be given the chance to capture Alex and Azad’s love in their Downtown Frederick engagement shoot. Alex and I used to work together at the same design agency, which so happened to be my first job out of college. She has been a wonderful mentor, supporter, and has become a lifelong friend; it brings me so much joy to be able to capture her and her soulmate at such an amazing turning point in her life. 

You can just tell how much they love each other! The moment I started shooting them, I could instantly sense that these two were destined to be together. They fit together like two puzzle pieces—both different, but incredibly cohesive and perfect for one another. It was such a gorgeous fall day and there were many laughs to be had. I’m so excited to share my favorites from their amazing shoot! Congratulations, Alex and Azad! 

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