Jordan & Rich | Engagement Session | Hampden, Baltimore Maryland

What do you get when you combine Hampden, Baltimore, a love for 2 Chainz, and a husky mix named Beans? These two love birds! I was so honored to be able to shoot Jordan and Rich’s engagement session on The Avenue of Hampden, where they met at Fraiser’s! Jordan and I used to work together at a design agency and we became lifelong friends. We’ve gone through many highs and lows together, but throughout it all, she never stopped mentioning how in love she was with Rich. When these two are together, you can’t help but smile. Their love and energy for each other and their friends are absolutely infectious—it’s almost impossible not to have fun when you’re around them! 

Congratulations, Jordan and Rich! So excited to see where life’s adventures take you two. xo

Alex & Azad | Engagement Session | Downtown Frederick, Maryland

I was so honored to be given the chance to capture Alex and Azad’s love in their Downtown Frederick engagement shoot. Alex and I used to work together at the same design agency, which so happened to be my first job out of college. She has been a wonderful mentor, supporter, and has become a lifelong friend; it brings me so much joy to be able to capture her and her soulmate at such an amazing turning point in her life. 

You can just tell how much they love each other! The moment I started shooting them, I could instantly sense that these two were destined to be together. They fit together like two puzzle pieces—both different, but incredibly cohesive and perfect for one another. It was such a gorgeous fall day and there were many laughs to be had. I’m so excited to share my favorites from their amazing shoot! Congratulations, Alex and Azad! 

Peighton & Chad | Engagement Session | Harpers Ferry, WV

Peighton and Chad are the definition of “two peas in a pod.” They’re both equally goofy and totally in love with each other. They weren’t afraid to be themselves and show how crazy they are about each other, which I LOVE to capture. Shooting them in Harpers Ferry when the sun was just setting over the mountains in the distance in was so magical. They are such complete naturals in front of the camera; when it came time for an outfit change, and there wasn’t a bathroom nearby, they willingly changed out in the open! If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is!

I am so happy to share these amazing images from this engagement session, and can’t wait to capture their wedding next year! Here’s to you Peighton and Chad! xo 

The Odhams | Bel Air, Maryland

It was an absolute pleasure being able to capture Katie and Ben’s special day in Bel Air, Maryland. The skies were perfectly blue and the sun was high in the sky. I knew from capturing their engagement photos that it was going to be an amazing day. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen were dressed to the nines and Katie and Ben glowed. You can just tell how in love they are with each other because during the entire ceremony, Ben kept stealing glances at Katie—knowing that the beautiful woman in front of him was to soon become his wife. 

One of my favorite moments from the day was when Katie’s father saw her for the first time in her dress and veil. He stood there still and silent, which is unusual of him since he loves making conversation with everyone around him! And for a brief second, he tried to speak but his voice cracked because he just couldn’t believe that his little girl was a bride. “Aw you’re not crying are you?” Katie asked jokingly. But soon after, she was overcome with emotion and the two came together in a long embrace. It was such a sweet moment—I had a hard time keeping it together myself!

All in all, the ceremony and the reception were beautiful! The music was bumping and got everyone to their feet! In the end, Katie and Ben had a glow stick exit which was so much fun! I can’t wait to continue watching their love grow for each other and see how much married life continues to be perfect for them. 

Church: St. Margaret Church — Bel Air, MD
Reception Venue: Maryland Golf and Country Club
DJ: Dance Masters Entertainment
Dress: K&B Bridals
Cake: Grauls Market
Hair: Kim Blair
Makeup: Picture Perfect Makeup by Chrissy
Flowers: Richardsons
Second Photographer: Mandy Sroka
Videographer: Joseph Williams

Mark & Anna | Couples Session | Downtown Frederick, MD

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time shaking the feeling that I wasn’t growing nor was I satisfied with the work I was putting out as a photographer and as an artist. For a while, I’ve resisted trying to adapt to a new style because I was afraid that I would just be “following a new temporary trend” and I would lose the supporters and clients that had. I wanted to put out work that would remain timeless and classic. But after desperately craving the feeling of tingly satisfaction I used to get after every shoot, and not feeling it in such a long time, I knew I had to at least try something new.

So that’s where Anna and Mark come in. Personally, I am inspired by love— love drives almost everything in my life. I knew the only way I could rekindle that passion within me was to focus on the one thing I knew I could capture well. And with that, I reached out to Anna and Mark. Their love is the kind that makes you smile because all you see is radiance and joy. I knew that was something I needed.

I have always used colors and light as my tools for storytelling. “Dramatic and colorful” was always my end goal…but as I kept moving forward, I started to realize that my work started to lose their stories. Sure, they looked nice and my clients seemed to like them…but I wasn’t feeling the magic. I wanted to get that back.

So this shoot was an experimental shoot—a time for me to try something new. And I can’t thank Anna and Mark enough for letting me capture their love and experiment with something new. I’m so excited about how these photos turned out. I decided to go for something a little richer/deeper in tones and, paired with palpable and ever present devotion these two have for each other, it made for something rather special. I can’t wait to keep experimenting and see where this new path of photography will take me.

Robyn | Grad Session | Frederick, MD

If the word ‘perseverance’ ever came to life and turned into a human being, it would look a lot like Robyn. She just recently graduated with her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland Law School—an amazing and wonderful achievement in itself. But what makes it truly is amazing were the personal challenges that Robyn so expertly overcame and conquered. She makes it look so effortless and graceful, but how could she not with her beauty and brains? She is a natural in front of the camera, her confidence shining so radiantly. She even brought along her old  graduation cap from her undergrad graduation as a sentimental reminder of how far she came. Overall it was such a fun shoot, and I’m grateful to have been able to capture someone so sweet and strong. Congratulations, Robyn, on your amazing achievement! Here’s to you and your bright future ahead!

Indyah | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

This gorgeous girl just graduated from Stevenson University! When I first met her a few years ago, it didn’t take long for me to realize she had a lot of spunk, heart, and not to mention many leadership qualities to her. She held many active roles on campus and has worked tirelessly for four years to finally make it to this point! From the sidelines of social media, I’ve watched her grow and nurture other people when they were in need. I’m so honored to have been able to capture her senior portraits, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes this beautiful soul! Rock on, Indyah! 

Ashley, Christina, and Emily | Sisters Photo Shoot | Sherwood Gardens | Baltimore, MD

Ashley was the winner of February’s “Share the Love” contest in which many people entered to win a photo session with their favorite loved one, whether it was a partner, sibling, family member, or even pet! The person with the most likes won the shoot, and Ashley came out on top! She decided to do the shoot with her two little sisters, and as a big sister myself, I can’t blame her. Little sisters are simply the best!

We decided to wait until it was warmer to do the shoot, and when the day came, we headed over to Sherwood Gardens where so many beautiful flowers were present. Ashley, and her sisters Christina and Emily, were such a delight to work with…it didn’t feel like work at all! You can tell how much love they had for their big sister and how much they enjoyed being around each other. Like most sisters, they were silly and not afraid to embarrass one another…while all the while still having a blast in front of the camera. It made for a lot of genuine moments and I’m so glad to have been able to capture them!

Memories with family are priceless and to be able to have them immortalized in photographs is something very special. I hope these girls are able to cherish these moments for a long time! 

Kaila | Grad Session | Baltimore, MD

After having to reschedule twice due to rain, we finally were able to do Kaila’s senior shoot! It was worth the wait too because I love how these images turned out. The sun was hanging in the sky in just the right place. Kaila is now a graduate of Stevenson University receiving a Bachelor’s in Nursing with a minor in Psychology and a Phi Sigma Sigma alumna. I can already tell the difference she will be making in everyone’s lives she touches—her smile and radiance are contagious! 

Lexi | Grad Session | Stevenson, MD

This session holds a lot of meaning for me. Lexi is not only a friend, she is my Little in Phi Sigma Sigma—a sorority I was/am in (because once you’re in, you never really leave). As her Big (sister), I’ve seen her grow in more ways than one. I’ve tried to be the best mentor and friend I could be to her. Graduating 2 years apart was somewhat difficult as I was working full time and she was still a student. But now, she is soon to be a graduate and is taking her life journey to Florida. 

Our bond is something incredibly special to me. We are not like most Bigs and Littles—we don’t frequently publicize and profess our undying love for each other on social media. We don’t go on shopping dates or extravagant  vacations. However, what do we do? We talk on the phone while driving home and miss exits when one of us needs each other. We text each other when we really need encouragement, but also need complete honesty. We have a bond that is incomparable to a lot of different types of friendships—and that’s how we like it. (So much so that we got huge matching tattoos. That’s when you know you’re in it for life.)

In a few short days, she will be walking across the stage at Stevenson University towards not only her degree, but her very bright future. It was an absolute privilege to capture some of her last moments as a senior through this session. I know as she continues to grow miles away, she will thrive spectacularly. There is no need for goodbyes as she will be a very present part of the rest of my life. It’s simply a “sea” ya later. xo

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